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A massive tornado struck the western German city of Paderborn on Friday, blowing off roofs, shattering trees and damaging multiple vehicles. Twister, which was accompanied by heavy rain, injured at least 30 people in the city, local police said, urging residents to stay home.

“30 to 40 people were injured in the storm, at least 10 of them in critical condition. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Police said in a statement.

Footage circulated online showed a huge tornado lifting dozens of meters of various types of debris into the air.

Another video shows trees being cut in half by strong winds, and broken trunks flying at high speeds.

The storm also affected the nearby town of Lipstad, where more than 100 people were temporarily trapped in an open-air pool as fallen trees blocked the exit. Strong winds also smashed a local church, images are being circulated online.

“Countless” According to local officials, buildings across Paderborn have been damaged, with roofs partially or completely blown off. The tornado severely disrupted traffic, with multiple roads blocked by fallen trees, as well as wrecked and overturned vehicles.

Adverse weather has forced multiple public transport routes to close and shut down traffic on local railways.

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