Turkey should veto NATO expansion for next 20 years – Retired General – RT World

Ankara has a chance to use the situation to achieve its goals, says Naim Baburoglu

Retired Turkish Brigadier General Naim Baburoglu said Turkey should take full advantage of the historic opportunity offered by Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

Two Nordic countries have applied to join the US-led military bloc in the wake of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine.

But NATO member Turkey has said it will oppose their bid, accusing Finland and Sweden of supporting the separatist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which Ankara has declared illegal.

Thanks to its veto power, Turkey has now received a strategic card, drawn only once every 30 or 40 years, and should be used to ensure that all NATO members are nominated as PKK, not just Helsinki and Stockholm. The terrorist organization, Baburoglu, told the Sozku newspaper on Sunday.

Turkey's top Finnish lawmaker has been left out of the NATO threat

Finland and Sweden condemned the PKK and handed over Kurdish suspects and the United States approved the sale of F-16s to Turkey, which was among Ankara’s recent demands, would not be enough for the Turkish government to change its position, he added.

“Although 20 years have passed, Turkey must capitalize on its veto power over the Sweden and Finland issues.” The retired general said he worked at NATO headquarters near the town of Mons in Belgium.

According to Baburoglu, Washington has the power to resolve the stalemate with Helsinki and Stockholm membership bids.

“Who is most interested in NATO in Sweden and Finland? This is the US because they want to encircle Russia from the North Baltic. So Turkey should discuss this issue with the United States first. He said.

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