U.S. cab driver James Bodd tells couple to “get out of car” for racist remarks

U.S. cab driver tells couple to 'get out of car' for racist remarks

James Bod uploaded the entire exchange on his Facebook page.

A video of a cab driver in the United States is going viral on social media. James Bod, the man behind the wheel, captured the disturbing exchange on his dashcam. The incident took place outside Fossils Last Stand Bar in Pennsylvania. The couple, in question, own the bar.

The clip opens with Mr. Bodd, a lift driver, greeting his passengers. After a while, we see a woman named Jackie getting into the cab And, the situation immediately turned his head. “Wow, you’re like a white man,” said the woman. Stunned, Mr. Bodd asked, “What is that?” “Excuse me?”

The woman then laughs and tries to stop the rapidly changing exchange by pressing on the driver’s shoulder. It didn’t go well with Mr. Bode. He told Mrs. Jackie to “get out of the car.” “It’s inappropriate, it’s completely inappropriate. If there was no white person in this seat, what would be the difference? He added.

Mrs. Jackie even confirmed that she was serious enough to tell him to leave the cab. Meanwhile, the man who was with her started abusing and threatening Mr. Bode, who calls them racists.

On his Facebook page, Mr Bode uploaded the entire exchange and wrote that he had filed a police report but was “not sure if it would do anything”.

In a report The Morning CallAccording to the owner of the bar, the woman has blocked the website and Facebook page of the bar

A number of people on social media platforms have praised James Bode for taking a stand.

“Thank you, James. We need more people like you in this world. Such a stand up guy,” said one person.

Another said, “James, we love you. What courage. Thank you for standing up for all humanity. “

The world needs more people like Mr. Bode, says a New Zealand user. “I just saw it in New Zealand. I appreciate your work. The world needs more like you. Well done, sir. “

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