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Republican lawmakers want U.S. visa applicants screened for “communist” and other “omnivorous” links

A prominent U.S. House Republican plans to introduce a bill calling on the State Department to declare non-immigrant visa applicants whether they belong to a communist or omnipotent group.

The law proposed by Representative Jim Banks (R-Indiana) aims to block “Foreign Preacher” – Especially those associated with the governments of China and Russia – using the US H-1B visa program for skilled workers to enter the United States, media outlet Axios reported on Thursday.

“We all know that China has used our very relaxed visa regime to promote and export harmful effects,” he said. Banks told Axios.

Bill, called “Communist Visa Transparency Act,” Applicants from all countries will apply. Applicants from China will also be asked to declare whether they have a current or past relationship with their country’s military, law enforcement or security forces.

Although the bill does not specify whether visa applications for self-proclaimed communists can be approved, banks say it will help law enforcement officials. “Track” Chinese Communist Party (CCP) activities and “Prevent China from being abused too much.” The law does not specify what qualifies as an omnipotent party.

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As the bank itself as the bill “The Biggest Critic” CCP in Congress. He introduced a bill in March to increase verification of foreign college students “Opposing countries” Those who are working “Sensitive research project.”

Banks is chairman of the Republican Study Committee, the largest conservative caucus in Congress. Last year, the committee introduced the Countering Communist China Act, which Republicans claimed was the toughest anti-China law of the year.

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