U.S. intelligence officials show declassified UFO video at congressional hearing

Watch: U.S. intelligence officials show declassified UFO video at congressional hearing

The U.S. military has more than 400 UFO reports.

The Pentagon on Tuesday unveiled a new Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) video at Congress about the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) at the first U.S. House intelligence hearing in more than 50 years. According to NBC BostonAt the hearing, U.S. Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence Scott Bray testified that UAP reports are “frequent” and have been on the rise for more than a decade. Mr. Bray showed classified videos of round objects flying in the sky before lawmakers.

In a short and shaky video, a small object is seen passing a military pilot. In a separate clip and a similar photo taken at different times, bright triangles can be seen in the night sky.

While presenting the images and videos, Mr. Bray said that the videos and photos of the bright triangles were unresolved for some time, but were eventually identified as unmanned aerial vehicles. However, he added that the military still does not know what the object might be in the first video. “I have no explanation for what this particular object is,” the lawmaker said.

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Furthermore, Mr Bray emphasized that many UAP reports contain “limited amounts of high-quality data and reporting” which “compels” the ability to make firm decisions about the nature and intent of UAP. He added that there had been at least 11 “close misses” between US military aircraft and the UAP. Mr Bray added that the US military had not tried to contact the UAP.

In addition, U.S. lawmakers say the military now has more than 400 UFO reports. But he also sought to dispel the notion that unknown objects could be “aliens” and noted that the military had not discovered anything “non-terrestrial in origin.”

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Tuesday’s hearing follows the publication of a report by the Office of the Director General of National Intelligence on UFOs almost a year ago, which has received more than 140 views since 2004 that could not be explained. The report concludes that there is not enough evidence to claim that the sightings were of foreign or extraterrestrial technology, but in many cases they were solid objects.

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