U.S. tourists are stunned after taking snacks and about Rs 50,000

U.S. tourists are stunned after being charged around Rs 50,000 for snacks and drinks in Greece

The restaurant threatens tourists to call the police. (Unsplash / representative image)

The American mother and daughter were shocked when they paid around 600 euros (about 50,000 rupees) for two crab legs and two cocktails on a holiday in Mykonos, Greece.

Greece quotes publishing theme, Ladbibble Reported that Brenda and Kayla Malton were looking forward to spending a beautiful day at the famous Platis Giallos beach in Mykonos. However, their joy soon turned to despair when their light snack and two mojitos at DK Oyster were priced at 598.92 euros (Rs 49,560).

The couple told the media outlet that an employee of the seabed restaurant had invited them to sit on the sunbed of their restaurant. They initially rejected the offer, but Mrs Brenda said the restaurant staff became more determined. He said staff members told them: “Sit here, drink and you will get these sunbeds for free. It’s noon, no problem. ”

The two finally sat down in the deck chair, after which they were given a menu. The mother and daughter were not hungry at the time, so they ignored the menu, despite repeated requests from staff.

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Such as Ladbibble“We were constantly asked if we would like to order something to eat,” Mrs Brenda told the media outlet. Kyla and I weren’t hungry, but we decided to try something off the list, hoping they would leave us alone. “

The couple sat in the lounge for about two hours. They demanded a bill from a worker when they were told to go inside and pay the man at the table who told them to “sit down”. But when Mrs Brenda checked the bill, she said she was almost unconscious when it came to around 600 euros. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.

“At first it wasn’t detailed, because the paper didn’t show exactly what we ordered. The guy told me to pay around 600 euros and I told him he couldn’t, something would go wrong,” he said.

However, he added that when he started arguing with the restaurant staff, staff members threatened to call the police. Mrs Brenda said the man told her the police would keep her and her daughter here in Greece and that she would not be able to return to her homeland.

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Mrs Brenda Greece told the publication that she felt threatened because of which she had given a check for tears. The couple reported the incident to police and instructed lawyers.

The restaurant, DK Oyster, on the other hand, has vehemently denied the claim, saying “there was no breach.” The grocery store said its staff did not “threaten” customers. It further added that what they sell was listed in a menu and all products contain legal documents. The restaurant added that the price was charged to the customer because the “royal crab legs” were not a price item and were charged according to their purchase invoice.

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