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Top British diplomat says talks are under way to provide Moldova with ‘NATO standard’ weapons

The United Kingdom is in active talks to send arms to Moldova, a country on Ukraine’s southwestern border, according to Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who said the weapons could help counter future Russian attacks.

Speaking to the Telegraph in an interview published on Friday, the cabinet minister demanded Moscow. “The ambition to build a greater Russia,” It is suggested that it may later determine its place of interest in Moldova, where Transnistria has a Russian-speaking isolated region.

“I want to see Moldova meet NATO standards. This is our discussion with our allies. Truss said he did not elaborate, however, on what type of weapon was being considered. He looked like Moldova “Unprotected” The state, again complained a “Wide” Russia’s threat.

The Foreign Secretary spoke of some of the UK’s more hoaxes to date about the war in Ukraine, telling an Italian newspaper earlier this week that Moscow “Must lose” In conflict, when rejecting a diplomatic idea “Exit Slope” Negotiations can be held to end the war. He has previously said that London would not lift economic sanctions on Russia unless it relinquished its claim to Crimea and recognized the breakaway Donbass Republic, and that talks were under way between the two sides to resolve the dispute over the territories.

Crisis in Transnistria: Will the Ukraine conflict spread to other parts of Europe?

Truss told the Telegraph that Western nations wanted to create one “A joint commission with Ukraine and Poland to raise Ukraine’s defense to NATO standards.” Added: “How do we ensure that Ukraine is able to defend itself permanently and how do we ensure that? That’s what we’re working on right now. “

The British government has provided more than 3 billion in aid to Ukraine since Russia invaded its neighbor in late February, much of it devoted to weapons and other military hardware. Meanwhile, as the United States spearheaded efforts to arm Kiev, lawmakers recently passed a massive $ 40 billion aid package, bringing the total U.S. aid to about $ 54 billion since March.

Moldova’s Transnistria region – which had a brief skirmish with government forces in 1992 after the declaration of independence – has seen a string of mysterious explosions at military sites and government offices in recent weeks, raising fears that Ukraine’s war could spread to other countries. No actor has claimed responsibility for the blasts, which have drawn similar complaints from officials in Moldova, Ukraine, Russia and Transnistria, with each apparent attack provoking hostility designed to expand hostilities into a larger regional conflict.

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