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Kiev’s top diplomat and ambassador to Germany has rejected a proposal by the French president for Ukraine to join the EU. Last Monday, Macron said Kyiv could not expect to become a member state in the near future, suggesting a “formation.”European political community”Instead consisting of aspiring nations.

In a Twitter post on Thursday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba argued that “Strategic ambiguity over Ukraine’s European outlook has failed to be practiced by some EU capitals in recent years and must end.He went on to claim that the aforementioned ambiguity only served to encourage the Kremlin. Ukrainian official insists his country has “There is no need for a surrogate for the status of EU candidate which shows a second class attitude towards Ukraine and hurts the feelings of Ukrainians.

Kulebar’s message echoed the views of Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany, who commented on Macron’s proposal during an interview with France’s Les Ecos newspaper on Wednesday. Andrei Melnik told reporters that he “Very skeptical“About the idea of ​​the French president, adds that”Offering this option for formal membership is like reinventing the wheel.

Either we’re in the EU or we’re out,Melnick announced.

The diplomat also said that Kyiv respected Ukraine’s EU bid and expected more courage from Macron that he had won the presidential election.

The remarks came in response to a proposal by Emanuel Macron during the EU summit on the future of Europe on Monday. Speaking of Ukraine, the French president noted that “Even if we give them the status of candidates tomorrow, we all know that the process of allowing them to join will take years, undoubtedly decades.He acknowledged, however, that countries such as Ukraine and Moldova and Georgia wanted to join the bloc as soon as possible in the face of Russian attacks. As a stopgap measure to meet the aspirations of those countries, Macron suggested setting up one. “European political community,“Its naming is nothing less than EU”Historical obligation.“According to the French president, such a structure”Democracies will allow European countries … to find a new place for political cooperation, security, energy, transportation, investment, infrastructure, cooperation in the movement of people.

The idea was adopted by European Council President Charles Michel, who posted a tweet on Wednesday, “The creation of a European geopolitical community.

Speaking in the Bundestag on Thursday, German Chancellor Olaf Schulz agreed with the French president, warning that “Ukraine cannot expect to join the EU.”A few months or a few years.“Scholes said that giving Ukraine would be unfair for many years of candidate countries in the Western Balkans.”Shortcut

However, the bloc now belongs to the Eastern European nation. “Quick and realistic“Support, Scholz assures.

In an interview with the Financial Times in early May, Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schlenberg called on his side, Brussels, to reconsider the process of joining the EU. The diplomat called for speedy access to neighboring countries. “Part of the general marketAnd in selected EU institutions and programs as part of the transition to full membership. Schellenberg claims that “The previous partnership we built doesn’t work,“Call for a thorough overhaul.”The whole idea [of the] The EU’s neighborhood policy.In the same vein, the Austrian official noted that membership bids from countries such as Albania, northern Macedonia and Moldova should be considered as equal priorities as in Ukraine.

Russia has warned of an end to the EU

Austrian EU and Constitutional Affairs Minister Caroline Edstadler made it clear that Ukraine was less likely to enter the European family.In the next five to ten years.“The official mentioned that”The countries of the Western Balkans have been waiting for decades for the next step.“Edtstadler added that”There can be no accelerated process for Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the Baltic states and Poland have recently been lobbying hard for Ukraine to join the EU.

Shortly after Russia invaded the country in late February, Kyiv filed an official bid to become a member state. The European Commission is expected to announce its position in June this year.

However, gaining official candidate status does not necessarily mean joining fast, as has been proven in the case of a number of aspiring nations.

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