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Antonio Guterres warns that business will ‘burn our only home’ as usual

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for a halt to the use of oil, gas and coal by renewable energy, arguing that humanity must “Eliminate fossil fuel pollution and accelerate the transfer of renewable energy, before we burn down our only homeIn a pre-recorded comment released on Wednesday to coincide with the United Nations World Meteorological Organization’s (WMO) State of the Global Climate Report.

Unsealed files reveal how the United States misused its climate change agenda to conserve military power

The WMO warns that four of the seven key climate change indicators have reached record highs in the past year: greenhouse gas concentrations, sea level rise, sea temperature and ocean acidification. The last seven years were the hottest on record, and WMO Secretary-General Petrie Talas said: “It’s only a matter of time before we see another warmest year on record.

Guterres outlined a five-point plan to get the world on track for a renewable energy revolution, suggested investing in the sector tripled to $ 4 trillion a year, and that renewable technology should be considered.Public products worldwide“Monetization instead of intellectual property. An international coalition of industry, technology and financial institutions should join the government. “Rapid track innovation and development“She is OK.

Fossil fuels are a “KanagaliGuterres called the WMO report a “Disappointing litany of humanity’s failure to deal with climate disastersAnd claims that fossil fuel subsidies have had to go. He pointed to the, 11 million that the coal, oil and gas industries receive every minute, and called on development banks to align their portfolios with the Paris Climate Agreement, rather than short-term gains through fossil-fuel investments. Must be renewable energy “21st Century Peace ProjectUN chief argues renewableReal energy security, stable electricity prices and the only way to sustainable employment

Despite allocating enough resources to convert renewable energy, solar and wind still account for only 8% of global power generation, while other types of renewable energy, such as hydropower, account for up to 30% of the total. Moderator “Red ribbon“This is also a problem,” Guterres said, adding that it would take eight years to approve a wind power project in Europe, whereas in the United States it could take up to 10 years.

Specific problems related to renewable scaling – such as wind and solar energy storage when the wind does not blow and the sun does not burn – are still not adequately addressed by industry. In addition, the discharge of raw materials needed for electric vehicle batteries and solar cells, including lithium, copper, silicon, nickel, cobalt and rare-earth minerals, is environmentally destructive.

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As the United Nations has called for its Climate Martial Plan, the World Economic Forum is calling for similar action to be taken. “Threat to the planet’s existence“Consultations ranging from reducing the cost of public transit and encouraging walking and cycling to reducing the speed limit on highways to 10km / h formulate the company’s 10-point Great Reset Plan to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Wednesday’s report is far from the only climate catastrophe predicted by UN-linked climate agencies. Last week, the United Nations issued a paper warning that there could be more than 700 million people. “Climate refugeesIf the water shortage associated with climate change is not addressed by 2030.

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