US aid to Ukraine ‘like a money laundering scheme’ – Congresswoman – RT

American aid in Kiev goes to NGOs run by “friends and family” of US politicians, claims Marjorie Taylor Green

The financial support that the United States provides to Ukraine is overwhelming “Like a money laundering scheme,” Correspondent Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) told the podcast ‘The Truth with Lisa Booth’ on Monday. The money earmarked for Ukrainians ends up in the pocket “Nonprofits and NGOs” Which are often run by people close to Washington’s politicians, Green claims.

“They want to get 40 40 billion from Ukraine and you have 40 40 billion on top of the money you have already paid. That brings in 53 billion. That’s more than two-thirds of the State Department’s full budget for the year. “ Congressman O’Malley said the latest aid package, which is currently being passed by the U.S. Senate, is out.

According to Green, U.S. officials are doing this in the end to fund NGOs “Their family and friends.” “It’s basically like a money laundering scheme,” He said.

Congressman Oman believes these funds should be used to address problems within the United States, including homelessness or human trafficking, which, according to Green, has reached. “Record-high” Level

Our tax dollars are like a big slash fund for criminal activity and it needs to end.

Of the upcoming $ 40 billion aid package, $ 900 million will have to be paid “Eligible” For organizations and NGOs wrapping services, housing and medical services, Congresswoman said, these organizations “They deserve any help the US government can give them.”

U.S. Republicans quarrel over Ukraine's 'proxy war' cash

Washington plans to provide 150 million for global agriculture and food programs at a time when U.S. farmers “On the verge of quitting business,” Green said he added that he had talked to farmers in his district last week and found out they were “Inflation and high fuel costs are so badly affected by chemical and fertilizer costs … they’re not breaking down.”

The congresswoman also accused the United States of being hypocritical about her alleged intentions “Help the Ukrainian people.” Washington is pouring money into Ukraine but it is happening “Completely ignored” Other conflicts in the world, he added “Ethiopia is now in a state of civil war, with thousands killed and millions displaced.” But the United States pays very little attention to this reality.

It is such a hypocrisy. It’s not about saving lives, but it’s about Ukraine.

Green is not the only one concerned about the transparency of US spending on aid to Ukraine. Last week, Republican Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky blocked a quick vote on the $ 40 billion Ukraine aid package bill. He demanded the appointment of a special inspector general to oversee how the huge aid package was being spent.

The United States prefers to provide arms to Ukraine rather than aid Kovid

Paul stressed that his proposal would be added to the bill, which would require the amended law to return to the House for another vote after Senate approval. He noted that the latest package would bring the total US aid to Ukraine to $ 60 billion since the conflict began in February, almost as much as Russia’s annual allocation for its full defense budget. The senator further argued that the United States should increase its debt and worsen its inflation crisis in order to provide assistance to Kiev.

Green himself was among 57 Republican delegates who twice voted against sending financial aid during the conflict in Ukraine. Both support packages, however, received overwhelming support in the House and passed 368-57.

On Saturday, U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) assured U.S. President Volodymyr Zelensky of U.S. support during a visit to Kyiv. He also took an oath “Get the job done” The aid package passes the bill.

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