US-China Relations, Anthony Blinken, China’s Economy: China’s Strategy, a Rule-Based

China's strategy, a rule-based order, is not a 'cold war': top US diplomat

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. (File)


The United States does not want to isolate China from the world economy, but wants Beijing to abide by international rules, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is expected to say in a long-awaited speech on Thursday.

“It’s not about a new Cold War. It’s not about dividing the world into hard ideological blocs,” a senior US administration official told reporters in a briefing. Infinite power.

“Maintaining this, and just as importantly, is reviving international order in a way that upholds the core principles that have enabled peace and prosperity for decades,” the official said.

US-China relations have plummeted to their lowest level in decades under the Trump administration and have improved under President Joe Biden, who still maintains his predecessor’s well-planned tariffs on Chinese goods, but has maintained close ties with allies in India. To reverse Beijing’s growing influence in the Pacific and beyond.

Nevertheless, seventeen months into his administration, Biden has faced criticism from Republicans and some foreign policy observers for failing to announce a formal strategy on China, the world’s second-largest economy and Washington’s main strategic rival.

Foreign crises, including last year’s US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine, have created confusion for Biden, who on his watch has vowed not to let China overtake the United States as world leader.

Blinken’s speech coincided with the start of an explicit visit by the Chinese foreign minister to the Pacific island nations, with increasing tensions in the competition for influence between Beijing and Washington and its allies.

Blinken will make it clear that Washington’s “steadfast focus” remains on Indo-Pacific and China, officials say, while outlining the strategy, which is to invest in US competition and align with allies and partners to compete with China.

“The secretary will make it clear that the United States does not want to isolate the Chinese economy from us or the world economy … we just want to make sure that China plays by the same rules as everyone else,” said a second official.

Blinken would further underscore that the United States would not “trade cooperation in this case to compromise our policy,” the official said.

Officials say Washington’s approach would be to shape the environment around China, not to try to change its behavior, and to ensure that American companies are protected from unjust practices in Beijing, such as state-led subsidies and market access.

The Biden administration has sought to capitalize on new alliances with allies inspired by Russia’s war in Ukraine and its “no-border” partnership with China, announced just weeks before the February 24 attack.

Strategic ambiguity

Growing U.S. support for Taiwan, China’s claimed democratic island, has become a point of contention between Washington and Beijing, although the United States has insisted on maintaining its long-standing policy of “strategic ambiguity.” Militarily Taiwan.

Blinken will reiterate the US commitment to the one-China policy, although Biden said earlier this week that the United States would be militarily involved if China invaded Taiwan. He and his colleagues later said his comments did not reflect a change in policy.

Blinken was suspended once after testing positive for COVID-19 in early May, his address following a month of intensive U.S. diplomacy over the Indo-Pacific, including Biden’s return from his first trip to the region this week as president.

The president’s meeting with leaders from South Korea, Japan, India and Australia was aimed, in part, at pushing Washington against what he called China’s “coercive” behavior.

Biden announced a “new era” of relations at a summit in Washington this month in a bid to boost relations with Southeast Asia.

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