US Construction Workers Spot Missing Woman with Skeleton Window: Report

US Construction Workers Spot Missing Woman with Skeleton Window: Report

The discovery was made on 26 April. (Unsplash / representative image)

In a shocking discovery, construction workers in New York City, USA, found the skeleton of a woman during maintenance outside her apartment building last month.

According to Newsweek, Marilyn McMahon, 54, lived in the South Jamaica House in Queens, New York. It is believed that Mrs. McMahon has been dead since August 2020 as this was the last time a page was launched on her calendar.

The discovery was made April 26 in Apartment 7-H. Workers were standing on the porch when they saw the woman’s skeleton through the window of her open bedroom on the seventh floor of the building.

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Dr. spoke with the local media WPIX-TV, Mrs McMichael’s foster sisters Simon Best Jones and Sherman McLeath said they began to worry about her in June 2020, as the first wave of the COVID-19 epidemic was receding. They said Mrs. McMahon called them to say she wanted to go to the hospital.

“He didn’t feel sick at all,” said Mrs. McElrath.

The foster sisters reported that Mrs. McMichael had a history of mental health problems. They even said they went to see the 54-year-old in her apartment, but their knocks and calls were not answered. Still, the sisters said it wasn’t unusual behavior since the 54-year-old because he sometimes chose not to talk to them year after year.

However, as time goes on their fears increase. Simon Best Jones and Sherman McElrath decided to call 911 in January of this year and file a missing person report. They were told McMahon had not paid rent for more than a year. The sisters said they encountered resistance when they tried to report to police because the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) said they were not relatives.

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In a meeting with housing police officers, an officer told the sisters that Mrs. Best Jones’ parents were on McMichael’s emergency card. “I told them they had both been dead for more than twenty years,” Mrs. Best Jones added.

The sisters were finally able to persuade the NYCHA manager and a police officer to go with them to McMicahel’s apartment, but their master could not open the key floor. Afterwards, Mrs. Best Jones said they never tried again. In April, when construction workers found the skeleton, the sisters said McMahon’s neighbors had informed them of their horrific discovery.

Now, accordingly WGNTVThe Medical Examiner’s Office has confirmed that it is conducting tests on McMahon’s skeleton, but it could be another four to six months before the cause of death is confirmed.

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