US couple use kitchen knives to fight bears in their home

US couple use kitchen knives to fight bears in their home

State wildlife officials have taken the bear for testing. (Representative image)

An American couple used a kitchen knife to fight a bear that broke into their Wisconsin home while their kids were sleeping.

According to Newsweek, The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office said the couple saw the bear open a window outside their home before eating from a bird feeder and shouted for it to leave. However, the bear returns, breaks a window and enters the house.

During the fight, both husband and wife were injured before they were able to stab the bear with a kitchen knife. Their children, who were asleep at the time of the attack, were not harmed and the couple successfully fought the animal. The husband was able to grab a firearm and kill the animal while it was inside the house.

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After the incident, the man and woman were treated at the hospital for several injuries before being released. Newsweek The report said the bear was an adult female and possibly a cub that was later seen fleeing after the mother charged the house.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources staff later took the bear for testing. Authorities have not yet clarified what kind of bear it was. Local wildlife officials have warned that Wisconsin’s bear range is “expanding”, meaning residents may expect to see black bears outside of its traditional range.

Citing local wildlife officials, Newsweek The population of bears in the state is reported to be over 24,000, which is significantly higher than the 9,000 in the state in 1989.

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Meanwhile, multiple bears have been spotted in different parts of the United States in recent months. Last month, a couple in Florida and their dog were chased back to their home by an angry black bear. Earlier this month, Cody Gilotti was surprised to find his life after noticing a hungry black bear stuck inside his mother-in-law’s car.

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