US names new ‘big NATO ally’ – RT World News

President Biden has officially called Colombia a “major” partner because Bogota provides military assistance to Kiev.

U.S. President Joe Biden on Monday signed a memorandum nominating Colombia as the United States’ main non-NATO ally, a special status that would give Bogota multiple defense and trade benefits in its relations with Washington.

Although the Biden administration promised Colombia special status in March, the official announcement comes now that the South American country has agreed to offer military assistance to Ukraine.

After nominating his country as a major NATO ally, Colombian President Evan Duke took to Twitter Praise Washington for a “Decisions that reaffirm the good times in our bilateral relations.”

Earlier Monday, Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano announced that a team of his country’s troops would assist in training Ukrainian troops on de-mining tactics at Washington’s request.

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“The training will be given by 11 military engineers who will travel to neighboring NATO member countries in Ukraine,” he said. Chief of Defense.

Recently, 19 countries of the world, including Qatar, have been given the status of major non-NATO allies. It provides economic benefits to US partners such as loans, cooperative research, and even exclusive defense agreements with NATO countries. Status, however, does not include any protection promises for designated countries.

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