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A collision at a U.S. department store illustrates the impact of a lack of important products

A viral video on TikTok, allegedly shot at a Massachusetts target, highlighted the issue of baby formula hoardings and scalping among the nationwide deficit. The woman who recorded the video confronted another buyer to buy a very rare product, leaving nothing for other customers.

TikTok user Chopnedits posted the video on May 10 with the caption: “My little sister, mother for the first time … and these ugly young mothers deal with it.”

As of Friday, it had about 723,000 views and over 7,500 comments,

The woman who recorded the video opens the pan from the entire shopping cart of the accused hoarder on empty shelves nearby.

“You come and you buy all the formulas at once,” Asked the lady. “There are some kids who need formula today who won’t be able to get it because you bought it to stock up. That’s not your problem, is it? “

The video ends with another person leaving

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

“Shops should not allow this,” A TikTok user commented.

“He’s definitely reselling,” Another said, a complaint echoed by others.

Target “Customers limit some online and in-store restrictions to every four products,” he said. Newsweek reported on Thursday, citing an email from a spokesman for the retail giant. On May 8, the New York Times reported that Target had imposed a four-item limit on products purchased online, but that this did not limit the purchase of baby formula in stores.

Other U.S. retailers have restricted product purchases; The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been asking companies to impose limits since February.

Walmart has five product-per-purchase limits as per FDA guidelines, and CVS and Walgreen have three product-per-purchase limits, the Wall Street Journal reported in April.

The US has announced measures to address the shortage of baby formula

The judiciary has called on state attorney generals to devote more resources to monitoring predatory behavior in the child labor market. On May 12, US President Joe Biden requested the Federal Trade Commission “Use all available tools to monitor and investigate reports of illegal and predatory behavior.”

On Thursday, Biden called on the Defense Production Act to force material suppliers to give priority to baby formula manufacturers. The White House said in a statement that it had instructed the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services to use Defense Department aircraft to speed up the import of infant formula.

The supply chain problems caused by the Covid-19 epidemic have led to a nationwide shortage of infant formula since February due to the withdrawal of a major product by Abbott Laboratories, one of the country’s leading formula manufacturers.

Abbott is working on five incidents and two death reports of Salmonella responsible for the product, prompting the FDA to suspend operations while conducting an investigation into the company’s largest manufacturing facility in Stargis, Michigan.

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