Video of Ukraine, with Star Wars theme, shows drone strike on Russia in kamikaze

Video from Ukraine, with Star Wars theme, shows drone strikes on Russian tanks

The Russian soldier operating the tank was killed.

Ukraine’s armed forces on Tuesday shared a video meme of a so-called “kamikaze” neutralizing a Russian tank. Taking to social media, Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces shared a 44-second clip showing an overview of Russia’s position.

The Ukrainian military said in a Facebook post that the drone, in a modern kamikaze equipped with a powerful explosive, flew straight into the tank, causing irreparable damage to enemies. It added that Russian forces were silently drinking alcohol in a position while sitting on the armor of their tanks, while the Kamikaze drone was lowered from the air.

Watch the video below:

According to IndependentThis is the first time Ukrainian officials have released a video of a US-supplied switchblade drone.

Video features Star wars Theme music and theme song from American sitcom Suppress your efforts. It shows that the Russian tank is bursting into flames. Dense smoke can be seen coming out of the tank. The footage is then pivoted to a point-of-view angle that shows the scene from the drone’s perspective as it barrels towards the Russian tank.

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A green square is seen in the middle of the video, with Russian soldiers stationed on tanks and armored vehicles pointing at the drone. Eventually, the screen goes dark just before the drone hits the tank.

In the caption, Ukrainian forces said the clip was captured on a drone camera. It added that Russian troops operating the tank had been killed.

Note that among the lethal-aid items provided to Ukraine by the United States as part of the security-assistance package, there are removable drones. The social media post added, “This is a good example of how the training and professionalism of our troops has yielded positive results in the face of support from foreign partners.”

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Meanwhile, accordingly Independent, Switchable drones act as weapons loaded with explosives that explode with contact during an airborne attack. They have been dubbed “kamikaze drones” – a reference to the tactics used by Japanese pilots in World War II to load warplanes with explosives and to fly directly to allied warships.

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